Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a special type of animation that gives the viewer the illusion that a graphic is actually moving through real space. These graphics are useful for business, education, and entertainment, as well as other communication channels. A professional production company can make your vision into reality.

You may have a lot of motion graphics in recent years and never been aware of it. Think about a commercial where a line of text, a person, or an airplane flies through the air visiting various locations. By changing and morphing the background, the viewer gets the illusion that the object is moving through real space. That is motion graphics.

This animation format is popular in marketing and advertising pieces, but is also seen in major motion pictures and education videos as well. The flexibility and affordability make it a popular choice for companies who want impact without a high price.

Here are three examples of how motion graphics can be used. (Remember the possibilities are endless):

  • Showing an idea’s evolution. Begin with a line of text that tells the starting idea and when it emerged. Move the line of text along a visible timeline to the next step. The first destination shows how the idea changed and the year that changed happened. Keep doing this until you arrive at today’s latest idea iteration.

  • Demonstrating a product’s journey from idea to store shelf. Begin the tour a design studio with the concept and designers creating prototypes. The prototypes go into production. The boxes come off the production line into the back of a delivery truck which arrives at the store. The stock person puts the product on the shelf for the first customer to see and buy.

  • Illustrating a company’s global reach. International companies can illustrate their international presence with a destination tour of their offices in Paris, Singapore, and Los Angeles.

If you want to add motion graphics to one of your projects, contact us here at True Film Productions. Besides being a full-service production facility, we have an in-house animation studio also. Our experts in motion graphics can take your concept and make it reality. We put our hearts and souls in to every piece we make and want to do that for your project. Let’s talk about your concept. Call us at 646-328-0691 or fill in the form below.

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