February 9, 2018

14 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Tips for Increasing Productivity

Maintaining productivity at work can be a challenge for most business professionals. It can be very difficult to stay at the top of your game each […]
February 7, 2018

How to Adapt Your Video Content to Fit Facebook’s New Guidelines

Fit Video for Facebook On January 18, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook was tweaking its algorithm for populating videos in your feed: “At its best, Facebook […]
January 27, 2018

10 Successful Ways to Include Everyone in Goal-Setting

Question: What is your advice for including all employees in the process of setting companywide goals?   Give Employees a Hands-On Role   “At Ceros, we […]
January 25, 2018

How Do You Define Success as an Entrepreneur?

Do your research to make sure your brand is propelling in the right direction.   After a very busy few months running my corporate video production […]
January 25, 2018

15 Tips to Make a Positive Lasting Impression Right Now

Leave a Lasting Impression As a business owner, you are aware of the importance of making a good impression when meeting a potential customer or business […]
January 18, 2018

3 Things You Need To Know About 360-Degree Video

360-Degree Video 360-degree videos are an exciting way to grab the attention of your audience. The experiential quality allows businesses and influencers to provide additional value to viewers. […]
January 12, 2018

23 Trends That Will Shake The Business World In 2018

2018 Trends Shaking Up Business After a new year comes and goes, every business owner has the future on their mind. Sales projections, marketing campaigns, tax […]
January 10, 2018

Samsung’s Most-Watched Ads And Why

Samsung had some of the most successful ads of the year worldwide. Whenever we see this kind of triumph, we want to understand where it came […]
January 5, 2018

2017 Top Video Trends And What That Will Mean For 2018

2017 was the year of video. Network TV took a backseat to online streaming, YouTube blossomed in daily views, and social media networks built a backbone of video content and advertising.
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