An InCredibly Feat; Video Content strategy in the Fintech Industry

What is the first thing you do when you meet someone for the first time? You introduce yourself. Say this is who I am. When working with Credibly, the first thing we did was shoot an “About Us” video. More succinct than a mission statement, we wanted to create a condensed message that conveyed who they are, what they provide, and why you should choose their business. This video is their handshake. It’s an introduction.


In it, we featured Credibly in concept and in practice, melding b-roll of their bustling office with an interview of their CEO Glenn Goldman. This top-to-bottom view of the company was tempered with passing/panning shots of local small business that could benefit from Credibly’s services. This emphasized Credibly’s mission, the language of which we further highlighted by animating the key elements of their 3-pillar approach: “Right-Sized Capital", "Grow, Don't Just Owe", and the "Credibly Experience".

This visual introduction instilled personality into the company, proof that their employees were real people picking up the phone to help you, the customer, to achieve your business goals. Engineering this sense of personage meant making key decisions during post-production to insured the right pull-quotes, the right music, even the right font was used. Without that attention to detail from our team, the video would not have been such a success.

Due to its popularity, Credibly asked us to develop further video content for their brand. We discussed the possibilities over several sessions during which we generated an action plan. At our suggestion, the Credibly team agreed to a series of videos that would further illuminate their capabilities, their commitment to their customers, and the elements of their business that made them unique to other financial services. This content would not only attract future customers, but also allow Credibly to build morale and expand their own workforce. We created a myriad of videos, including blogs, video testimonials with satisfied customers, fireside chats with the leadership, a recruitment video, a customer experience video, as well as a 2D animated video illustrating the trajectory of a potential client.


The 2D animation was an abstract, but upbeat piece that stressed the personal approach of Credibly. We showed how the customer, in this case a gym owner, was able to interact with a real Customer Success Expert, as opposed to an automated response, when inquiring about Credibly’s offerings. Our next step was to show this service in practice. Thanks to our satellite teams on the West Coast, we were able to include a testimonial that featured an architecture firm in Oregon. We were thus able to highlight how Credibly was an alternative to conventional banks and how elemental it had been in allowing that particular business to grow. This network affiliated production teams also allowed us to shoot Credibly’s Detroit office for interview segments and b-roll to be used in the recruitment and customer experience videos.


Customer Experience

We then pulled the focus back to Credibly by returning to their New York office for the fireside chats. In a series of shorts, Goldman sat down with the founder of Lend Academy, as well as CEO and COO of Orchard Platform to discuss financial topics, trends, and predictions that would help illuminate Credibly’s business offerings and the fintech industry further.

Fireside chat

By providing visuals for all these aspects of their business, Credibly was able to show their commitment to building a relationships with both their customers as well as their own company. To do so, we transformed their project goals into dynamic content that varied in format, but was still thematic, on brand and consistent in voice. The resulting videos met the content strategy while also evolving it to meet the parameters of each format.


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