3D Animation In the Medical Industry

Motus GI designed the PURE-VU System to revolutionize the colonoscopy experience, for physicians, patients, and payers alike. By cleaning the colon through irrigation and evacuation of the bowel contents, it clears the way for the endoscopist to perform a higher-quality examination. It also reduces dependency on a successful pre-procedural prep regimen to obtain clear visualization of the colon mucosa, ultimately enhancing the quality and cost-effectiveness of the exams. The PURE-VU system was designed as an extension of a standard colonoscope.


To help Motus present and promote their innovative product we recommended a 3D animation (CGI). We understand marketing in the medical and healthcare industries, and know how to communicate to an audience with impact, precision, and relevancy. Our previous experience with various medical board review and approval processes served us well, making us the right partner for Motus GI. We set out to create a video that not only showcases the product, but illustrates the process, as well as the design and procedural implications.

To fully understand the product and its utility, our R&D team spent a considerable amount of time with the marketing, product development, and medical regulatory teams of Motus GI. Taking the necessary steps to creating a video that is realistic and accurate in its delivery of medical information was a challenge in itself. To get medical clearance of concept and procedural illustrations, we worked with some of our own board members who happen to be doctors themselves. Illustrating the removal of a polyps for example, is no easy task when working towards medically approved results. Our animators and designers were challenged with acquiring uncommon knowledge and a deeper understanding that is 100% scientifically accurate.

Water is a 3D element that is particularly difficult to recreate in Cinema 4D. Unlike creating a realistic stationary water effect, recreating water in motion requires a huge amount of particles, which can simply be too much to handle. With our cream of the crop talent, there is no limitations to what we can achieve. Feel free to view some of our other 3D animation work.

Our strength as creatives, is to produce content that closes the knowledge gap for viewers of different backgrounds. In this particular case, the challenge was to create a design that isn’t visually disturbing to the viewer (it is fecal matter after all), yet serves the purpose of informing and educating viewers with a realistic model. So even those foreign to the concept of a colonoscopy, can easily understand the product’s functionality as well as the procedure after watching the video. 3D animation is a great way to illuminate the essence of design, and drive appreciation for the beauty of a product. A 3D animation covers all of these basis by placing the viewer in a visually realistic environment (even if it is the darkest of places, the colon!). Through 3D animation we are able to achieve a surreal effect, and provide instant gratification for the curious minds.

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