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Squirrel Systems revolutionized the hospitality industry with the first touchscreen POS system. Squirrel POS software is built on a proven and reliable platform, and is designed for flexibility and efficiency. Squirrel is now an industry leader as a full-service POS solution provider. With a diverse client base spread across North America, Squirrel was looking for a partner with a similar reach. Working with Squirrel’s marketing team to help grow their client base by incorporating video into their content marketing strategy, became a great success. The challenge for Squirrel, other than to produce professional grade video content across the country, was to maintain consistency in the quality as well as brand style and tone from one video testimonial to the next


The power of the spoken word is the single most powerful force known to mankind! What’s more powerful than your “spoken word”?... A third party perspective. Nothing is more valuable than the praisal of your very own service or product by a loyal customer. The ROI of creating content that showcases the value your customers place on your product or service is tremendous. Needless to say, just like all your marketing efforts, delivery is key.

Through video testimonials we are able to provide your audience with a direct message from your existing customers. But there is so much more a video achieves than just conveying a message. A well produced video is memorable, serves as a branding tool, raises awareness, identifies with your brand persona, and best of all establishes an emotional connection with your audience.

Our clients are the best advocates for Squirrel. We can talk all day long about why a business should choose us (and we do!), but the message is much more powerful when it comes from our end users. By focusing on the people using our point of sale systems and the environments in which they're used, we can put a human face to our technology, which you can't always do with a written testimonial letter. We have such a diverse customer base and the video testimonials really show that.
- Marketing Director, Jasmine Cruz

At True Film Production, our network of industry professionals stretches far and beyond our office presence (HQ- NYC, CHI, AUS, PHI, and SF). We’ve established a large network of vetted professionals, whom we work with on a regular basis throughout many years of operations. Establishing these relationships over time has allowed us to, not only produce high-caliber video content anywhere in the country, as well as most of Canada, but more importantly guarantees our clients a consistency in production value, style and tone, reliability and most importantly an unrivaled customer experience. Working with vetted local crews while sending our producers and/or directors is a cost effective way of guaranteeing consistent quality results. These crews are an extension of our operations if you will, just as some of our prominent clients view us as a production arm of their organization. These types of relationships are formed through education, trust, and an overall comfort level earned through hard work, outstanding customer service, and a timely delivery of a superior product.

All creative direction, pre-production, and post-production is always handled from our HQ facilities in NYC. Constructing a stylistic formula to our approach that closely adheres to our clients’ brand persona is our forte. While few production studios and agencies can accurately adjust and adapt, to appease the uniqueness of each client, we pride ourselves in just that! Our cross-industry experience, and expertise in marketing and branding, enables us to transcend the value of your product or service.

Spokane, WA

With each site visited, we had to identify the attributes of each restaurant or hotel that made it unique, and work those elements into our creative for the respective video. The location, style, and cuisine of the restaurants all had an affect on the type of b-roll footage captured, the style of editing, the selection of music, and the overall tone of the video. In our approach, it was crucial to keep each video on brand and make sure it was produced to fit perfectly into the overall long-term strategy.

Since 2012 we've produced more then 20 videos in over 12 Cities across US, we’ve also produced 4 videos in Vancouver and Montreal.

As the matter of fact, if you happen to browse some of our other case studies, you may find that many of our clients take full advantage of our universal reach and our multitude of capabilities.

New York

Further we advised Squirrel to take advantage of our budgeting structure. By scheduling multiple client testimonials, within proximity of each other, on the same day, we are able to minimize our production costs (day rates), leaving only the difference of post production costs (hourly rates), to turnaround multiple video testimonials and pass the savings along to our client. Amongst many of our clients, Squirrel has been able to capitalize on effective cost-saving through planning and scheduling.

Chicago, IL

Montreal, CAN

The videos have definitely given us a competitive advantage in creating a personal connection with prospective clients. Because of the products, services, and care we provide, Squirrel has been very fortunate to have strong, longstanding relationships with many of our customers (for example, Wolfgang Puck, Tribeca Grill, and Boca West Country Club). The videos do a fantastic job of showcasing these relationships and we believe they signal to prospective clients that Squirrel would be a worthwhile point of sale partner now and well into the future.
- Marketing Director, Jasmine Cruz

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