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With over 350,000 cord blood and cord tissue units stored, ViaCord From Perkin Elmer is one of the leading cord blood banks in the world. Through collaborative research with Duke University, ViaCord released cord blood units for reinfusion in children with cerebral palsy, and the results were astonishing. In addition ViaCord developed a smart storage bag that equally distributes the storage of stem cells into 5 compartments to maximize the utility on a per need basis.


As part of a global initiative to promote cord blood banking, ViaCord partnered with True Film Production to help expand their digital presence and educate expecting parents on the benefits and healing power of stem cell infusion. The goal was to raise awareness and encourage parents to make a small investment that may lead to life altering possibilities for their newborns as well as their siblings.


With a bitter taste left behind from previous engagements with other agencies and production companies, we were able to convince ViaCord we were the right partner for their objectives.


ViaCord selected three families that participated in Duke’s Study of Autologous Umbilical Cord Blood Reinfusion In Children With Cerebral Palsy to be the subjects of our short docu style approach. Through compelling visual storytelling we were able to showcase a handful of remarkable success stories and really capture the essence of each family's unique complexion.

1. Tragedy can happen to anyone at any time
2. The simplicity of the actual process of stem cell infusion
3. The supernatural results of stem cell infusion realized today
4. The invaluable aspect of a happy and healthy future for their families

What our client has to say about us!

Staying true to our process we were able to exceed expectations and nail each project on the head.

Patrick’s Story (Long Island, NY)

In post production we were able to bring the arc of each story together. Through narrative, supporting scenes, existing family photos, and carefully selected music to solidify the emotions behind each story, we were able to really pull at the heartstrings of our audience.

With supporting stats and consideration for the population’s generally short attention span, it was necessary to create shorter video edits for online advertisement. We’ve worked with ViaCord to produce versions ranging from 2-3 minutes, as well as 30sec snippets for various social media platforms.

To showcase ViaCord’s latest product and diversify their content offering, we decided to take a 3D animation approach (CGI). The VC 5X storage bag allows physicians to access cells from a single collection as many as 5 times, or all at once, depending on the medical need. Through design and 3D animation we were able to effectively present the product’s revolutionary features and explain the benefits of utility of the VC 5X. Further making the connection of how your investment with ViaCord goes the extra distance.

VC 5X smart bag

To complete our efforts and bring everything together, we worked with ViaCord to develop an informative microsite. Hosting supporting facts and FAQ’s, with supporting visual stories, animations and infographics pertaining to cord blood banking. Giving their audience a centralized location for educational material on cord blood banking with ViaCord.

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