a case study

Who is Credibly?

Credibly is the trusted provider for small business loans, working capital, and business expansion loans. To date, it has provided access to over $1B+ to more than 19,000 SMBs across the United States.

The Challenge

Credibly needed a wide range of content over an ongoing basis. So, they were looking for a partner who understood their vision, aligned with it, and was able to express that vision in different video formats.

The Strategy

The True Film Production team knew that for a client like Credibly, an ongoing video strategy on a retainer basis was needed to support the company’s marketing department. TFP and Credibly worked on a collaborative plan which involved the rollout of content through multiple marketing and advertising platforms.

The Introductory Corporate Video

The first video TFP produced for Credibly was an “About Us” video. The video was as succinct as a mission statement, as it had a condensed message that conveyed who Credibly was, what they provided, and why their customers should care. The video featured Credibly in concept and in practice, melding b-roll of their bustling office with an interview of their CEO Glenn Goldman. This top-to-bottom view of the company was tempered with passing shots of local small business that could benefit from Credibly’s services. This emphasized Credibly’s mission, which was captured by their 3 pillars of “Right-Sized Capital", "Grow, Don't Just Owe", and the "Credibly Experience".

The Video Strategy/Action Plan

After the first corporate video was a success, the Credibly team trusted TFP to create content that would not only attract future customers, but would also build morale and expand credibly’s own workforce. TFP proceeded to create a myriad of videos, including blogs, video testimonials with satisfied customers, a recruitment video, a customer experience video, a 2D animated video illustrating the trajectory of a potential client, as well as a fireside chats with leadership.

All of the above video formats contributed to showing the Credibly brand in a different light. For example, the fireside chat with the CEO involved him sitting down with the founder of Lend Academy, and the CEO/COO of Orchard Platform to discuss financial topics, trends, and predictions. The result was that Credibly’s business offerings came to life and educated their customers on the fintech industry in general.

The Results

The partnership between TFP and Credibly resulted in a range of dynamic content that varied in format, and they were able to utilize the content in a variety of different ways (targeting different audiences, and helping the different departments/verticals execute). But although the content was diversified, it was still representative of the brand and consistent in voice. The resulting videos met the content strategy while also evolving it to meet the parameters of each format.


Credibly was a financial services firm that wanted to show its brand in a different light, and for that, it needed a consistent flow of content that was on-point with its vision. TFP created a strategy that complemented Credibly’s marketing team and rolled out a series of corporate videos that made all the difference. As a result, Credibly was able to attract new customers and build morale internally with its workforce.

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