February 12, 2014

Enecon Case Study

Like many organizations we deal with, Enecon is a company that occupies a very specific niche. It provides maintenance and repair solutions for industrial factories, and one of its main products, Eneflow, helps to offset erosion caused by water flowing through the pipes in those factories.
August 7, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Corporate Video Production for HOWTOinUSA.com

Starting a business requires thorough planning and quite a bit of fortitude. Starting a business in a foreign country is double the trouble. Nevertheless, the lure of the American dream brings thousands of undaunted outlanders to the United States marketplace, thus stimulating the economy with diverse options while creating healthy competition. We truly admire the courage and determination of all foreign entrepreneurs, and that is why it was an absolute pleasure for us to do a corporate video production for HOWTOinUSA.com, a company that helps both domestic start-ups and professionals from abroad to understand and engage in business opportunities in the United States. Founded by Scott Jones who moved to New York from the United Kingdom in 1993 and as an entrepreneur himself was exposed to the difficulties of business development, HOWTOinUSA.com reflects the experience of its creator and many other professionals, forming a network of business expertise. Now, shall we blow our own trumpet? Helping Scott to help others was our task for this corporate video production and, sure enough, it was a great success besides being a true pleasure.
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