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Located in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, True Film Production has been providing high-quality educational and instructional video production for years.


Video has become one of the most pervasive and accessible forms of content for businesses. With so many ways to create and distribute videos, it's no wonder that this medium is becoming a more popular option than ever before.

Today educational videos have become so interwoven into our lives that we cannot imagine a world without it. The business world has taken notice of this radically different way of presenting information. Consequently, videos are now used frequently on websites and social media platforms as well as college campuses. At True Film Production’s service, a Chicago educational video production company, we specialize in producing high-quality educational videos, instructional videos, and scholastic videos.

Educational Video FAQs

1What is an educational video?
Educational videos allow you to tell a story and convey information in a way that’s more entertaining than text. These videos increase retention by getting viewers to engage with the material and reflect on it. Videos have a significant impact on learning. The more questions you ask yourself while watching an educational video, the better you’ll remember. Asking questions when learning something novel improves research and critical thinking skills in students and collaborative and management skills in corporate teams.
2How to create educational videos?

The secret to making superb educational videos is concept preparation. When learners know what’s coming, they’re more likely to understand what the video is trying to say. To prepare your tutorial concept, think about the background information to give your topic context. Next, consider what examples would illustrate or align with your explainer or tutorial video before delving into the concept’s depth.

It’s not as easy as it looks to make educational videos. You must be creative. Before you write the script, brainstorm ideas for content and outline it clearly. You must then convert the script into a storyboard. Finally, hire a video production agency to properly shoot, edit and publish the video in accordance with your vision and goals.

3How to make an animated educational video?

Animation can engage viewers and explain complicated topics by breaking them down into simpler, more comprehensible bits of information. Animating subject matter gives your ideas context, strikes the right tone, and makes abstract ideas visually digestible. Animation can make an idea pop and deliver a memorable and engaging educational video than normal standard footage.

Based on the purpose of your educational video and the technical resources available, you’ll want to choose the right type of animation. The entertainment industry uses 3D animation frequently because it is a wonderful way to tell stories through motion. Visually appealing, this type of animation provides high realism.

In comparison, stop motion animation dates back over a century. When it was first introduced, hand-built puppets, clay figures, or even toys were moved frame by frame to create motion from still images. Today, we create animated movements through computer-assisted techniques.

4Can you monetize educational videos?
Yes, you can monetize educational videos if you do not violate any license terms. Commercial use of video content requires permission from the rights holder or the platform hosting it. A video-sharing site like YouTube or an online course are the two most common ways to monetize an educational video. YouTube is an amazingly effective way to educate people from all over the world. There are lots of tools for educators on this user-friendly platform. You can upload and share videos on YouTube, manage them, and monetize them. Companies can also generate revenue from educational videos by developing online courses. Additionally, instructors can host live and on-demand virtual events.

Different Types of Educational Videos

Educational videos are an excellent way to educate employees on the company's policies and procedures, or how-to guides for the average consumer searching online. Our educational videos are designed to educate consumers about a variety of topics. We help people grasp ideas faster by using animation, infographics, and animation techniques. You can count on us for help with teaching your target audience anything from doing their taxes to whipping up the best vegan recipes.

Instructional Videos

Similarly, instructional films are a great way to make your organization stand out without seeming salesy. Use educational video to showcase new products or services that have been recently launched, provide helpful testimonials from satisfied customers, and educate potential clients about what sets your brand apart from competitors.


Video tutorials and how-to videos are a convenient and engaging way to learn. They are designed to cater to the learner’s needs and teach them how to accomplish tasks. They are often used as a self-training resource for those who wish to learn technical skills or professional techniques.


The one thing that all companies want is for their employees to be successful. It's not easy to learn a new job from scratch, especially if you're new to the industry. But by relying on clear, step-by-step instructions from a video, your employees will be able to complete the task more quickly and easily than through trial and error.

Scholastic Videos

Using our scholastic videos, students learn new information by incorporating theory with practice. We offer a wide range of content from all ages, interests, and learning styles, so there’s something for everyone.


Video software has come a long way over the years. It can now create videos with top-notch animations, sound effects, music, voiceovers, and more. These engaging videos are perfect for teaching students about important topics or passing on important information.


Our mission as an educational video production agency in Chicago is to lead the way in educational media by using videos that combine the latest research in pedagogy with cutting-edge animation to teach complex subjects.

Multipurpose Educational Videos

Since the foundation of progress is education, these three types of videos provide a powerful tool for imparting information and ideas visually. Our videos can be used in classrooms, conferences, or in professional development sessions. They are carefully designed to illustrate concepts, explain theories, develop skill sets, or teach procedural tasks.

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