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True Film Production is a nonprofit video production agency with offices Chicago to better serve you when producing fundraising videos. With over a decade of experience, we are most known for our quality of high-performing fundraising videos.


Despite the challenge of figuring out how to create a fundraising video, it becomes simpler with the right planning and marketing strategy. With a great fundraising video, you can raise thousands of dollars for your cause. Fundraising money for charity is important for many reasons, and one primary reason most people donate is because their donation is going to a cause they care about.


Fundraising Hacks to Raise More Money

Videos are a powerful marketing tool that can help to generate leads, brand recognition, and even donations. In fact, research suggests that over 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos donate their time or money to a cause.

If you're trying to raise money for your nonprofit organization, one of the most useful fundraising video tips is to release your videos at the right time. People are more likely to donate to a nonprofit during Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and Christmas. During these holidays, you should post your fundraising campaign videos on social media or your website because people are feeling happy and generous.


Another useful hack is to build a team of ambassadors for every fundraising campaign that you launch. Also, since these ambassadors are your most valuable fundraising asset make sure they receive the recognition, support, and guidance they deserve when you're announcing how much money you raised.

Fundraising Videos FAQ

1What are fundraising videos?

Fundraising as we know it dates back to the early 1900s. Often referred to as the "Fathers of Fundraising," Charles Sumner Ward and Frank L. Pierce created fundraising on a national and professional level. While a nonprofit story tour remains a fun, low-cost way to raise money and awareness for charities, small meetings and large gatherings are no longer the only way to spread the word. Today, nonprofits also use fundraising videos.

In a fundraising video, money is raised for a specific cause or event. It can be used for anything, from a charity to your local sports team. The best charity campaign videos are those produced by actors, filmmakers, and advertisers to raise funds for a worthy cause.

2Can a video help with fundraising?

Absolutely. Videos can be used to raise money for almost anything. For evidence, look at the number of videos being produced for crowdfunding campaigns on sites like Kickstarter. People are using videos to tell their stories and ask for help with their projects.

3How to make a fundraising video?

An effective fundraising video can include an overview, video testimonials, live presentations at conferences, live concerts, interviews with community members, or even a walk-through of the proposed project location. You might also consider a donor video or a donation video to promote a charity, since they can be used to create awareness and raise funds.

When creating a fundraising video, you need to keep it short, tell your story, show the impact, make your call to action clear, and disseminate it on video-sharing websites. Don’t forget that the best fundraising videos tell the story of your organization, its mission, and its value. Although it may only be 30 seconds or 2 minutes long, it should have an impactful message that resonates with people.

4How to add a fundraising video to YouTube?

You can engage people in your favorite campaign by adding a fundraising video to YouTube. Creating and sharing videos is easy with a smartphone, which makes it possible to do at any time anywhere in the world.

Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can make your own fundraising video. You can do this by having your pitch ready, using roll credits, telling your story, keeping it short, remaining authentic, and being specific. When you’ve made your video, you can upload it to YouTube. Adding a video to your social media accounts is as simple as logging in, clicking the upload button, selecting the video, and entering a description, tags, and privacy information.

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If you need help, we're here for you. True Film Production’s nonprofit fundraising videos will boost your nonprofit’s marketing strategy in Chicago. Contact our Chicago Streeterville office located at 400 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200 by phone 646-328-0691, or email us at, or visit us online at True Film Productions to request a free quote.


Remember, our portfolio of video services extends beyond fundraising videos. We also produce non profit gala live stream events on our proprietary platform. With that same footage, we can edit a fantastic video recap or donor videos after your event.


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