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True Film Production, a pharmaceutical video production company in Chicago, offers a variety of healthcare video production services, including corporate videos, sales training videos, and patient education videos. You can use these videos to communicate your messages effectively to your target audience.


Top pharmaceutical companies in Chicago—such as AbbVie, Cresco Labs, Fermilab, Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc, Novum Pharma, Hospira, Abbott Labs, Baxter, Orsini Healthcare, and Abraxis BioScience—can benefit from pharma video production.


Funny pharmaceutical sales videos work well on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram because of their billions of daily users. Videos can be used to demonstrate how a product is used, show what it can do, and showcase all its features. Tell the story of your healthcare company with video marketing and engage with customers in a new and exciting way.


Pharma Video FAQ's

1What are pharmaceutical videos?

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly using video for marketing. It's a fantastic way to show off the benefits of their drugs. Since it is difficult to get people to take their medications, this is a persuasive way to explain why they should stick to their doctor's prescriptions.

Pharma videos can be used to train salespeople or educate consumers. Training videos for pharmaceutical industry sales teams address the most common objections and make a strong pitch. Salespeople need to be knowledgeable about the drug and handle objections quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, patient education videos help patients who are having difficulty understanding what their medications are for, what their side effects are, and how to take them.

2How much does it cost to produce a pharma video?

Several factors influence the cost of pharma videos, such as the type, the length, and the crew members' expertise. Time, equipment, travel, and post-production costs may also be included. The cost of a pharmaceutical corporate video production ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. In contrast, a premium video production featuring advanced technology like 3D can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.

3How to make pharma videos?

Producing high-quality pharma videos requires storyboarding and the right software.

In filmmaking, storyboarding visualizes the shots of a video. Artists sketch the video scene with camera movements, dialogue, props, and special effects. Filmmakers and actors can better anticipate what will happen in each scene.

Standard software will help you export videos to YouTube and Vimeo formats, as well as optimize them for web viewing. Animation software with complex 3D modeling is the next level up. This technique has been used for years to create an immersive experience for gamers. There are many uses for 3D modeling in the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, they are useful for patient education videos that explain the symptomatology of a medical condition and the benefits of a drug.

Then, to bring everything together when you're editing your video, you'll need to apply technical skills, such as texturing, proper lighting, and rendering.

4How does video marketing help the pharmaceutical industry?
Pharmaceutical companies can use video marketing effectively. On popular social media platforms like Facebook, videos perform better than text-based content in terms of engagement, shares, and conversions. According to Omnikick, 55% of internet users watch online videos on various platforms every day.

Trends in Pharmaceutical Videos

Pharma is catching up to other industries in its digital marketing spending. In line with digital marketing campaigns, pharmaceutical companies can be seen promoting their brands via video, social media, and content marketing. People are now more open to advertising on these channels as opposed to spam emails and banner ads.


Millions of people watch pharma videos on popular social marketing platforms and video-sharing sites. Viewers enjoy short and informative educational videos that explain medical conditions or offer drug usage directions. Large pharmaceutical companies in Chicago are now using video marketing to reach their audience.

Pharma Video Production - True Film Production Chicago Office

Video marketing in the pharmaceutical industry requires quality video content. They can be used to introduce new medications, provide patient testimonials, or offer sales training. Videos on social media sites demonstrate your commitment to your customers' health and well-being by offering scientifically validated solutions. Pharmaceutical marketing videos also help you reach a wider audience of potential patients.


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