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We combine our expert knowledge of production attention-grabbing sizzle reels that tell visual stories behind our clients' brand.


True Film Production is Chicago's top sizzle reel production company with an unmatched ability to build businesses through our visual storytelling. Using our creative process, advanced filmmaking techniques, hi def cameras and editing equipment, True Film Production promises to conceive, complete and deliver sizzle reels that go far beyond your expectations.


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Sizzle Reel Video Production in Chicago

We create on-brand content that tells your business’s story, elevating your brand with video that captures attention and spurs customer loyalty. As a storytelling agency, we combine the effects of strategic marketing with emotional connection.

Looking to generate hype about a brand, event, or product? Sizzle reels, also sometimes called promo reels or demo reels, by True Film Production are sure to turn heads and help you gain traction with your audience. Teaser videos are energetic, action-packed videos designed to promote a product, service, event, or campaign. Sizzle reels are a cornerstone of every effective public relations or marketing campaign.

The length of a sizzle reel varies, but generally gives viewers a 60-90 second snapshot of a brand. The goal of a sizzle reel is not to teach your audience everything there is to know about your company, but rather to spark their interest into seeking out more information on their own. It's a teaser video.

Our crew will shoot, edit and distribute a sizzle reel that paints the most striking and attractive colors of your brand. We’re known for creating eye-catching brand videos across Chicago for many years. We’ve refined our video marketing services to an art form. You trust our video production company to develop a high-quality concept, write a unique script, and bring everything to life visually.

Types of Sizzle Reels

What type of sizzle reel is right for you? Video marketing services come in a variety of formats, and some may work better for your purposes than others.

Promo reels

The keyword for this type of reel is “promotion.” A promotional video is designed to sell a product, service, event, or individual. These are popular with social media influencers and can easily be forwarded to a company or PR team.

Demo reels

Similar to a promotional video, a demo reel is intended to educate viewers on a specific product or service. A demo reel goes a step further because it incorporates an in-depth product demo that shows the audience how it’s meant to be used.

Video reels

Video reels are popular among journalists and news anchors. With a video reel, you can share your favorite clips with networks and show creators.

Pitch reels

In the business world, pitch reels are used to persuade a business or investor to buy into a product or company. They work well in sales presentations and trade shows.


The team at True Film Production is standing by and ready to help you bring your sizzle reel to life. We’ll listen to your ideas and transform them into an actionable design concept. We’re also able to incorporate any media you want to include in the reel, including video clips, sound bites, images, and more.

It’s our goal to help you showcase your talent while you focus on what matters most as a business owner, artist, or entrepreneur. Reach out today to start your creative collaboration with a leading video production company in Chicago Illinois!

Videos from our Storytelling Agency

How Are You Using VIDEO?

Inspirational Videos

Emotionally connect to your audience with inspirational videos. Nonprofits, CEOs, executives and brands with deep-set missions can easily connect to larger audiences with this type of content. This builds emotional connections that go beyond most marketing content, leading to customers that love what you do and want to support your company.

Product Videos

Demonstrate the purpose of a product by telling the stories of people who have benefitted from it. Record users using your tech or medical product. You can even highlight the people who created the product. Show your audience why they won’t want to go another day without your product or software in their life. Whether it will make your customers’ lives easier, inspire them or make their businesses more successful, product videos can confirm the value of what you have to offer.

CEO/Executive Team Videos

Form stronger relationships with your gala’s audience by premiering a video that shares the personal journey of your CEO or a team member. Identify a nonprofit leader or software developer who has made an impact and share what inspires them. Turn viewers into brand ambassadors by showing them the people behind the company they love.

Honoree Videos

These videos hush rooms full of hundreds of people. You’ll never find an audience more emotionally connected and captivated than by a video that tells the story of a thought leader or philanthropist who has earned the highest honors in the room. Create honoree videos for your next nonprofit gala or awards ceremony, inspiring your audience to donate or emotionally buy in.

Mission Statement Video

Visually connect with potential clients by creating a video that shows why your company exists and tells the story of the impact you’ll leave on the world. These make perfect material for trade shows and expos, or can be built deliberately for conference introductions. You can also use a mission statement video on your event website and in social media campaigns.

Keynote Speaker Stories

Stir up excitement prior to your event with keynote speaker stories. Compel potential conference attendees to purchase tickets and add authority to your speaker. You can also capture footage of the keynote speaker to utilize as part of your social media strategy after the event.

Brand Videos

Promote an upcoming event with an interactive video that tells your brand’s story. Embed your custom video on your event website’s home page and add it to a digital marketing campaign.

Immersive Storytelling

Immerse the audience at your marketing conference with storytelling videos and experience the buzz that results. Storytelling videos build strong connections with audiences and drive engagement. Tell the story of a small business that has benefitted from your software. Bring viewers to the heart of where your story began. Imagine lead generation with stories that resonate past the end time of an event.

How Storytelling Drives Impact

Learn How To Grow Your Business

Our Visual Storytelling PROCESS

We have a clear, straightforward process that allows us to produce effective video content. Visual storytelling can make a powerful difference for nonprofits, big-vision brands, tech companies and more. What impression are you trying to create? Work with us to forge a strong, credible influence with video.


The process begins by identifying your desired outcome for your video(s). With this information, we then develop a step-by-step plan for reaching your goal using details such as your event type, audience, deliverables and available methods for distribution.


Using our simple visual selection process, you show us what styles best represent your brand. This helps us understand your desired tone and creative. We then take these details to begin crafting your story in a way that connects with your audience and captures your brand’s identity.


Once we narrow down your needs and the plan for reaching your objectives, you simply select the video package or credits that work best for you. We can even create a custom package. You see, our credit system allows you to get video on demand whenever and wherever you need it (and know the exact cost). Regardless of time or location, we’re available to shoot, produce and edit your video content.


Since each step of your project is planned, you can be certain you’ll get exactly what you need on time and on budget. No exceptions. In fact, you have a dedicated producer and account manager for your projects whose sole job is to make sure everything runs smoothly. You end up with a final product that maximizes your ROI from your event.


Besides being among the world’s most well-known brands, our partners all have a common desire to connect with audiences and see high returns from their investment in video.

Client Success STORIES

Our clients are companies that are looking for more than the services of a video production company. They want a team that can capture brand authenticity, complete projects fast and keep the entire process as simple as possible.


Whether you need live video, animation or a video marketing strategy, we work alongside you to share your story during all aspects of your event, conference, or trade show.

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