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True Film Production, a leading Chicago video production company, specializing in corporate training and educational videos. The company provides a wide range of video production services with a focus on marketing and branding. In our role as a storytelling agency, we combine audiovisual multimedia with strategic marketing to create emotional connections between brands, their employees and their customers.


Corporate training videos help new hires learn how to use company equipment, explain complex software products to their teams, and demonstrate how their products work to their customers.


Our Chicago office is located in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, nestled conveniently near River North, the Gold Coast, South Loop, West Loop, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park, the North suburbs and the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Video Testimonial FAQ

1What is a training video?

Online training videos aim to impart knowledge and skills on a particular subject to a target audience. More companies are now creating videos for employees, customers, or online course students. Using this fascinating medium, a company can train every employee to do their job exceptionally, educate every customer to use its products proficiently, and coach every online student to understand core concepts effectively.

2How do you create engaging training videos?

A compelling training video is essential to teaching. If, for example, you want to train your employees in new software, you'll need engaging and informative videos.

Creating a training video includes concept development, planning, filming, editing, publishing, and promotion.

You can create a concept by exploring buyer personas. Once you’ve found a viable concept, it will be easy to record a script, voiceover, and video all in one session. Next, choose a topic that interests you and think about the story you want to tell. After you prepare your content and set up your props, it’s time to film, imagining everything from your customer’s perspective. Finally, edit your video by improving transitions, suggesting intriguing ideas, and offering different perspectives to engage your viewers.

Once you’re ready to publish your video, subscribe to a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo to get the most views. You can also upload your video to a trending social media platform like TikTok and publish it on your website. Finally, promote your products and services on social media to attract your target audience and increase brand recognition.

3What should you include in a training video?
Since a video-based course is designed to teach learners a specific skill, instructional content must include clear learning objectives, relevant instructions, and interactive modules. As video training gains popularity, there are also more options for corporate training that can be accessed almost anywhere from any internet-connected device.
4How much does a training video cost?
Since it is possible to produce videos in many ways, the cost varies. For instance, the cost for a short, simple video without effects will be less than $7,500 while the cost of a more complex video with special effects that uses high-quality equipment ranges from $10,000 - $15,000. Contact True Film Production in Chicago to get a free and accurate estimate for a professionally shot video.
5How to create online training videos?

To create an effective online training program, gather information by preparing a list of questions to determine which skills you need to teach. Once you’ve done your research, prepare your presentation with an authoring tool. After practicing your presentation and recruiting beta testers to help you polish it to perfection, you’ll be ready to launch.

Some of the most popular videos are those about dog training, software training, and employee training. A dog training video is a straightforward way to train your dog. Software training is vital for businesses, since it gives employees the skills that they need to be efficient and effective. Employee training videos are one of the most useful tools companies must get their workers up to speed.

Other trending videos are new hire training, fitness training, and customer service. A new hire training video simplifies the time-consuming process of onboarding a new employee into a watchable, engaging video. Fitness videos are the latest fitness craze. Customer service videos help people who have just bought a product figure out how to use it without calling the company for help.

How to Make Corporate Videos for Internal Training

The most effective way to achieve a variety of training objectives is through video content. There is no need for employees to spend hours in a classroom, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Making corporate training videos for small or large groups can be done quickly. Custom videos can be any length. In some cases, short videos can be a useful way to break up dense content into easily digestible and engaging chunks.


HR departments increasingly rely on video for online training when onboarding new employees; training staff in customer-centric departments such as sales or customer service, getting workers up to speed with newly-released software or for other internal training needs.


You can use video to introduce a company's services, improve general knowledge, and even teach employees time management hacks. Employees can learn relevant skills and expand their knowledge while on the clock.


A training video is a new form of marketing for those who want to be seen as industry experts. This marketing technique uses both text and visuals to convey information. If you create your own videos, you'll be found more easily because people watch video content online in many places.


Businesses that want to stand out either hire a professional video production company or do it themselves if they have an audio-visual department. If you’re unsure how to make your own videos, hire a professional production company. They can also advise you on what platforms to use. You can upload a video to a video sharing site like YouTube or create an online course that is available as an on-demand event on a paid platform.


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In addition to corporate training vidoes, we've also produced a sizeable number of animated medical videos, live stream event productions, video testimonials, drone videos and more for some of Chicago’s largest brand names like Haray Caray's and Lou Malnati's.


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