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From the runway into the palms of a million viewers.

Fashion Videography

Embody the passion and pizzazz of your fashion brand through beautiful fashion video content. Live stream your runway shows. Capture the elegance of your launch events in equally elegant video sizzles and teasers. Show your audience the creative process that goes into their favorite product line with professionally filmed and edited Facebook Live videos.

Simply looking for a video crew for your next event? Look no further. There’s no medium that can match the authenticity of video in exhibiting the essence of fashion.

Consumers are no longer satisfied with fashion’s finished results. They want to engage every step of the way, and they’re hungry for the authentic stories of what happens behind the scenes. Today’s most successful fashion brands understand and deliver this new expectation. But even these seemingly unscripted moments are planned. They play a part in the whole story, and each is a piece of visual storytelling that’s in service to a strategy. Did the last video crew you hired know that? We do. We understand this crucial part of fashion video production.

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Live Events

Our fashion video team specializes in capturing the spirit of your fashion show or launch party. Whether you’re looking to record your event and edit the best parts into repurposable sizzles and teasers, or live broadcast your event on Facebook Live (or both), our team is ready to produce video content for your next event.

Behind the Scenes

How your audience just how much effort goes into preparing for a fashion show with behind the scenes footage. We can admit that we all wanted to be models at some point in our lives, let you audience live vicariously through your models!

Branded Content

Build stronger brand loyalty by sharing your brand’s story. Dedicated customers want to know where your designers draw inspiration from, what physically goes into creating your fashion line, and what your brand’s plans are for the future.

Behind The Brand

Through visual storytelling, connect with your customers on a personal level. Give them a glimpse into your life as a fashion icon - what motivates you, what inspires you. Describe your journey from the beginning of your career to today.

  • Harper’s Bazaar

  • Perry Ellis Fall 2018

  • Coco Rocha

Are you telling the right story?

Video Production can launch an idea, spark a movement, or simply capture attention – but you’ve got to get it right the first time. There’s no “Take Two” for a brand when it comes to visual storytelling.

Introduce yourself!

Our Fashion Video Process

Your fashion brand has a distinct personality and a unique story, and traditional marketing methods may not be able to get the message across to your audience. Video is arguably the most powerful way to draw your customers’ interest in your designs, the mission behind your brand’s existence, and the sheer talent that went into creating it all.

We act as a strategic fashion video production company to bring your brand to life and enable you to communicate your message effectively. Our method is always customized, creative, and aligned with your brand values so that it leaves a lasting impact.

Here’s a quick rundown of how our fashion video process works:

It’s absolutely critical you know what you want to achieve with your video outreach efforts. After all, if you don’t have goals, how do you measure your success? If you’re unsure about your project objectives, we’ll figure them out together so we can craft a meaningful story.

Now that we know your “what,” we need to identify your “who.” So who is your target market? What do you want them to feel after watching your story? Once we figure out this information, we determine what action you want your audience to take after viewing your content.

Next, we reverse-engineer your objectives to identify the pieces needed to reach your “destination.” In some cases, you may need multiple stories or videos for different platforms. (For instance, you can’t show the same length video on Instagram that you use on your website.). We also lay out a step-by-step strategy for distribution.

Clients tell us this step is our specialty — the point at which we develop the characteristics that differentiate you from your competitors. This then becomes the foundation for crafting your brand’s voice and style. So we can craft a story that not only stands out, it creates an emotional connection with your target audience.

This is where we combine our collaborative vision, put all the pieces together and bring your story to life. Once the final product is complete, we stay by your side to help you execute everything and ensure your videos are successful in helping reach your goals. When needed, we make improvements so you see ongoing returns from all your outreach efforts.

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Because if you’re interested in partnering with a team that focuses on collaboration, developing long-term relationships and treating each video project as if it were their own, we can give you a tremendous advantage.

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