Medical and Healthcare Video Production

Our full service Medical Video Production services include anything from brand videos to promote hospitals, to showcasing specialists and thought leadership, procedural training videos, and best of all complex 3D (CGI) medical animations capable of illustrating physiological, molecular or anatomical concepts that otherwise maybe unfeasible. Particularly for the medical and healthcare sector, video content has proven to be the most beneficial value added medium for educating, training, and last but not least marketing your brand.

Producing Medical Videos

At True Film Production we have the experience and expertise in producing a variety of effective Medical and HealthCare video and animation content. Our healthcare video production services include expert cinematographers, creative directors, producers, animators, and two doctors on our advisory board assisting with video content pertaining to complex medical procedures.

We are as comfortable in the operating room as we are with the rigorous regulatory review and approval process of nedical video production. Our innovative approach to effective video production begins with understanding your unique brand persona, the position of your target audience, and your corporate goals. Our ability to visually stimulate your target audience, and drive results with fresh innovative concepts and astounding animations, while staying on brand, is attributed to over a decade of cross industry marketing and branding experience.

Staying flexible and resourceful, we’re able to cost-effectively service our clients anywhere in the country at their convenience. In fact, we offer medical video production in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and four other cities but can travel anywhere you need us on a moment's notice; even filming in multiple locations at the same time. We understand the importance and delicate nature of the business and are known to provide a client experience that goes unmatched. Our passion for marketing innovation, technology, and science, combined with our approach to visual stimuli, results in high production value, impactful, and memorable video and animation content.

Types of Uses for Medical Videos

Below are some examples of medical and healtchare video productions.

  • Branding videos
  • Product Videos
  • Patient Video Testimonials
  • Animated Explainers
  • Educational Videos
  • Instructional videos
  • 3D animation
  • Procedural Training Videos
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