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In a world where people spend most of their day on YouTube, a fundraising video is one of the most powerful tools to connect with potential donors when you want to raise money. It also helps increase your donations and spread awareness for your cause. Consider this; YouTube is the go-to social platform for 70% of all marketers to post videos, with Facebook being the leading channel amongst 75% of marketers. Now, it is possible to make your fundraising videos at the gorgeous locales in New Jersey and boost donations with the best video marketing services in New Jersey.

Professional Fundraising Videos

Before Hollywood took over the film world, New Jersey was the film capital of the world, especially after the invention of Edison's kinetoscope became famous worldwide. New Jersey is the perfect place to shoot your fundraising videos because of the beautiful and unique landscape the city has to offer and because it is home to some of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the United States.

Home to over 50,000 non-profit organizations, the city of New Jersey earns over $70 billion in revenues from these non-profits alone every year. From large non-profit organizations like Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation, Atlantic Health System, and Princeton University to many health finance organizations, hospital systems, and universities, New Jersey is a major destination for non-profits.

Many companies from Hollywood also use the beautiful natural surroundings of the Garden State to shoot their videos. Even though it is a smaller state, New Jersey offers various locations to shoot fundraising videos.

Visual Storytelling FAQ

1What are Fundraising Videos?

A fundraising video is any content that helps raise money for a non-profit organization or a good cause. Research shows that funding campaigns that include a video receive nearly 114% more funding than campaigns that do not have a video. Including video content can make a real difference to your fundraising campaign because more people are interested in seeing video content. This benefits your cause as your funding or donations are more likely to increase.

It is important to remember that the number of non-profits is proliferating. And this means more organizations are vying to get the public's attention for donations or funds. This is why making your marketing campaign stand out from the others is all the more critical. The more eyeballs your video grabs, the more opportunities you have to spread your message and educate them, translating into more donations. Let us look at some of the main benefits of using fundraising videos.

2What are the Benefits of Fundraising Videos?

Fundraising videos help educate your audience about your non-profit without sounding like you are asking them for money. Here are a few reasons why you should think about using a fundraising video in your marketing strategy:

Helps Tell a Story
Concise and To The Point
Play The Emotion Card

Benefits of Fundraising Videos

Helps Tell a Story

A fundraising video helps you tell your brand story without sounding like you are desperate for donations. It helps educate your audience and builds a connection to your mission.

Concise and To The Point

Fundraising videos help you capture your audience's attention by being short and to the point.

Play The Emotion Card

It is a known fact that 95% of our decision-making is emotional. A fundraising video tugs at your audience's heartstrings, adds a personal touch, and makes them relate to your cause.

How to Use Fundraising Videos

Fundraising videos are an excellent marketing tool. You can share these videos on multiple social media platforms to spread knowledge about your cause and grow your audience. It can also help you spread your message as a video is easier to share.

Another excellent way to use fundraising videos is by including them on your website and marketing materials. Over 95% of marketers say that video content is one of the most effective tools for content marketing since they help persuade your audience and build trust.

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