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Visual storytelling has always been an impactful way to communicate ideas and create an impression. Sizzle reels take that impact a notch higher. Also known as demo reels, they are a powerful tool to impact your prospects in just a short time – perhaps because the brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Here is what you need to know about creating spell-binding sizzle reels in New Jersey.

Professional Sizzle Reels in New Jersey

Location is not as crucial in the case of sizzle reels as it is in many other forms of media. However, having a good site can only improve your chances. In such cases, New Jersey is the place to be.

The city is the perfect balance between the bustling metropolitans like New York and the quaint suburbs of Mid-West America. Indie projects like "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" and big-budget spectacles like "The Dark Knight Rises" have found their perfect locations in New Jersey.

Visual Storytelling FAQ

1What are Sizzle Reels?

Sizzle reels are short videos that serve as an introduction, usually of a person. These videos are intended to grab attention and highlight essential facts. In that regard, they could be understood as a video resume. Sizzle reels are usually used in the creative or entertainment field, where a traditional resume cannot provide an adequate introduction.

Sizzle reels are highlights, demo reels, pitch tapes, or promo videos. They can use video clips, audio notes, text, and pictures. They are usually 3-5 minutes long and often used as proof-of-concept. By any name, the objective of a sizzle reel is to provide various facts about a person in the most attention-grabbing way.

2What are the Benefits of Sizzle Reels

Sizzle reels have been used for decades now, and for good reason. As an alternative to traditional resumes, sizzle reels offer a plethora of benefits:

Better Than a Resume
Highly Customizable
More Engaging
Flair For The Dramatic

Benefits of Creating Sizzle Reels

Better Than a Resume

Words often fall inadequate in the case of the visual arts. Sizzle reels are extremely helpful in cases where a traditional resume won't do justice. For instance, consider a cinematographer who wants to show the shots he has taken or a director explaining her cinematic vision. Given how online video ads are 27 times more likely to be clicked on than static ads, the same could be surmised about resumes.

Highly Customizable

You can have more than one sizzle reel. Different reels can be created for various purposes – promoting your work or pitching to a potential client.

More Engaging

It is a fact that videos are more engaging than text – which explains the one billion+ hours of content watched on YouTube each day. A one-minute video can convey the equivalent information of 1.8 million words.

Flair For The Dramatic

Sizzle reels have fantastic potential for creating dramatic impact. The content and editing of the video can allow you to have an effect and visible connection with your potential employer. This is a beneficial aspect of pitching, where each pitch only has a few seconds to leave an impression.

How to use Sizzle Reels

Sizzle reels are a powerful tool, but only when used correctly. Here are the key points you must remember to reap the full benefits of them:

• Find a purpose: Like a generic resume, generic sizzle reels rarely hit their target. More specific sizzle reels can have stronger objectives and different moods and tones.
• Find the concept: The conceptual approach of the reels is the foundational aspect. Before you even begin, you must visualize how your sizzle reel will look. Narrative or non-narrative, linear or non-linear, a highlight of your entire life or focused on just relevant skills. These are the critical decisions that must be made when you decide on the conceptual approach for your video.
• Gather content: The content is the last and, perhaps, the most important thing you need before creating your sizzle reel. Shooting your content is more time-consuming than using traditional stock B-roll, however it gives a more personalized touch. Music is an essential element of a good reel. A study found that ads with music yield 50% higher memory retention among users than ads without music.
• Grab the attention: Remember, the most critical aspect of sizzle reels is to grab your prospect's attention. From the first moment, your spin should captivate and engage the audience. There is no scope to waste even a second; everything should be relevant and exciting. Curate the content to include the most important and impactful highlights about yourself.
• Hire a professional: Creating your sizzle reel might be fun, but it is also very tedious. Not to mention, you might not possess the necessary shooting or editing skills to create a good reel.

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