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Everybody loves a good story. And what better way to tell a story than through a visual storytelling video? Visual storytelling videos have recently changed how brands and people market themselves. Video storytelling is not about promoting a product but sharing a story – and stories have their emotional impact. During the pandemic, 70% of people in a Twitter study said they prefer brands that share positive stories. Here is how visual storytelling videos in New Jersey can open new horizons for you..

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Location is an essential aspect of visual storytelling. After all, the story's location is essentially the world in which it takes place. Various locations serve various purposes for individual accounts. But most customer-centric storytelling videos want a location that signifies the world of the "everyday American." And New Jersey is the perfect spot for this.

The bustling location is a major city in America, but it retains relatable suburban vibes. It is the perfect spot to tell a story that might connect with regular, everyday folks. From as early as "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" in 1947 to "The Addams Family" in 2019, New Jersey has been a prime location to display the various aspects of life. Fortunately, the city also houses some of the best video production agencies that can create the most engaging and impactful storytelling videos, shot right on the streets of this beautiful city.

Visual Storytelling FAQ

1What are Visual Storytelling Videos?

Visual storytelling or visual narrative is defined as telling a story through visual aids. These could include video clips, pictures, animations, or illustrations. Supplementary elements like text, music and voiceover are often used to enhance the effect.

Visual storytelling videos are an evolved version of advertisements, focusing on a story rather than a product. There is a plot, characters, narrative, and final message. The goal of the video is to connect with the audience and ensure that they remember the message. Evoking emotions with the story implies that the audience would connect a feeling with the person/brand. As such, it is no wonder that storytelling ads have a much better track record of hooking their viewers than traditional ads that argue the merits of their product.

2What are the Benefits of Visual Storytelling Videos?

Beyond the emotional perks of visual storytelling, there are several other prominent benefits to utilizing these videos in your marketing strategy:

Telling Your Story
More Engaging
Visual content is the future
Perfect for Social Media

Benefits of Visual Storytelling Videos

Telling Your Story

As the name suggests, the core objective of a visual storytelling video is to tell a story – whether of a person, a group, or a brand. But why is it more effective at storytelling than traditional mediums like blogs or books? Videos have far more depth – images, animations, music - there's more that goes into a video than text. It is also easier to process; studies find that the brain can process images in a mere 13 milliseconds – faster than the blink of an eye.

More Engaging

Videos are inherently more engaging than text or even images. Even further, videos that tell a story are more exciting and immersive than a static flow of information. A study reports that subjects found whiteboard animation videos 33% more entertaining and 15% easier to retain information than typical 'talking head' videos.

Visual content is the future

Visual content has become more commonplace as rendering and streaming videos have become more affordable. A study by Cisco found that mobile video consumption has increased 17 times since 2012, and videos will make up 82% of all traffic on the Internet by the end of this year. In such an environment, visual storytelling videos are your best bet in telling your story with visibility.

Perfect for Social Media

Storytelling videos are no longer restricted to YouTube; more platforms are jumping on the video bandwagon. As such, visual storytelling videos are the perfect tool to utilize the full potential of social media. They could be easily optimized for individual platforms with a few basic tweaks. They also drive much more engagement. A report found that Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement; another report suggested Instagram promotes reels over images.

How to Use Visual Storytelling Videos

Visual storytelling videos can create significant impact, but only if crafted correctly. Here are some points you need to remember about using them effectively: • Create an exciting story using essential storytelling elements like narrative, characters, and acts. Remember that the story's central character is the target, not the creator. • Have a clear and concise message. Unlike other types of visual content like sizzle reels and infographics, graphic storytelling videos convey a core message to the audience. The video must be crafted to create an emotional connection with its viewers. • Use visual aids to enhance the impact of the video. Music and voiceover are essential elements to make the video more engaging. Video clips, animations, and images give more appeal to the content. But don't overdo it, as it can backfire and become distracting. • Avoid the usual pitfalls of visual storytelling videos, like using moment marketing and viral memes. Do not try to force a narrative to fit with your product, as it could backfire. Using the same basic plot to create multiple storytelling videos dramatically diminishes its impact.

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