Stanley Meytin

Stan is known for his creative visual storytelling, brand building and digital marketing expertise. He has helped many businesses establish their company image and transform into iconic brands in their respective industries. Stan’s expertise is fueled by his passion for bringing ideas to life which is evident in the work provided to his clients and in his attitude towards existing and future entrepreneurial ventures. Stanley started showing his entrepreneurial spirit at a very early age by selling lollipops to kids in 5th grade. In high school he started a promotional company that specialized in flyer distribution for night club venues, events and even Sony music. He even closed down an entire night club to host his high school graduation party.

Stanley understands what it takes to build successful marketing and video content strategies that effectively tell stories and help grow brands. He is fueled by his passion to succeed and provide unparalleled customer service to clients. He understands what it takes to build successful relationships and utilizing those relationships to help grow. From a very young age Stanley was exposed to grass roots marketing by helping produce concerts and events through out the country and overseas. Concentrating on his marketing background, he quickly understood the power of the internet and adopted his thinking and methodologies to reflect the digital era. Introducing the hospitality groups he was running marketing for – he was one of the earlier members on social media platforms like facebook, twitter and foursquare. Creating brand equity, storytelling and educating was something that was always a priority and something Stanley Meytin really concentrates on while establishing this marketing campaigns. Almost 5 years ago an opportunity was proposed to Stanley on starting a video production company to help businesses and brands tell their story. This was something that he felt very strongly about and saw that the market had an opportunity to be seized. Spending countless hours, days and months to do the research and understand the right way to bring True Film Production to market. He finally launched True Film Production in the end of 2011. Stanley Strongly believes that video content is exactly where social media was about 7 years ago. Businesses and brand knew they needed to get involved but they were not educated enough about it and didn’t know where to start. He wants to bring the gap in helping companies put together the right video content strategies and effectively visual story tell their brand stories. Every business, company, start-up, brand, corporation has a story to tell. Whether you are a local pizzeria share your great uncle family stories and the reason the shop was started or a fortune 500 company sharing their company mission statement. There is always a story!

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