Drone Videography

Soar above the crowd with drone videography. From indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones are your event marketing secret weapon for advertising and entertainment.

Drone Video Production

Drones offer unlimited versatility, so you can do anything from live streaming drone footage on the big screen or to viewers at home. With aerial and action shots you can perfectly capture all the excitement happening at your event. Not only does drone videography differentiate you from your competitors (who are using the typical video layout), but it also saves time and money when covering large amounts of territory that would require multiple crews. You’ll love the “buzz” that comes from using drone shots in your event immersion and promotion.

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Drone Videographer

You don’t have to be a drone pilot to optimize on drone videography for your events. We’ve got the flying down for you (all our drone pilots are licensed by the FAA), so you can just sit back and focus on the rest of your event. We start with a consultation to understand your brand and objectives for the event. Then our licensed pilots zoom through the skies to perfectly capture the aerial footage of your event and brand. We use drones for photography, live streams, location spotting, and quality videography for marketing materials. Our drone videographers create a tailored plan that suits your event, your campaigns, and your goals.

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How Are You Using DRONE VIDEOS?

Concerts + Festivals

Get right there on stage and in the crowd with drone videography. Shoot close ups of performers to stream on the big screen at the event or to viewers at home. Show the audience jamming away. Get some behind the scenes footage of set up and tear down. Demonstrate how and where sponsors are participating in the event. Large outdoor events are too much to take in all at once, so capture it in its entirety from above!


In certain indoor venues, drones can offer an overview of the entirety of the conference or trade show. You can use drones to show the audience reacting to a presentation or show the setup of sponsor booths. We love using drones to create “maps” of the venue space. Drone videography is also a great way to establish shots that showcase the city and vibe of an event from the outside, which works wonder in sizzle reels and social media content.


Highlight a sponsor’s involvement in an event with drone shots that show where their booth and signs are and how they’re participating. If you’re the sponsor of an event, drone videos can make you stand out among all the participants of the event. If you’re hosting the event, creating sizzle reels for your sponsors is a great way to thank and value your partners.

Experiential Marketing

Looking to take your marketing in a new or novel direction? Drone videography and photography can help add dimension to your marketing materials that will engage your audience and set you apart from all of your competitors. Most experiential marketing events are outside, “in the real world” with your customers, so drones work well to interact with the experience and tell the story from the sky.

Benefits of Drone Videography For Your Events

Our Drone Videography PROCESS

Soar high with a new way of doing things in videography. Our four-step production process starts with storytelling through to flight until post-production distribution, no matter if you’re deploying aerial drone video for events or corporate videos for internal communications. After years of fine-tuning, we’ve streamlined this process to easily, simply, and beautifully produce video for all of your company’s needs.


The process begins by identifying your desired outcome for your video(s). With this information, we then develop a step-by-step plan for reaching your goal using details such as your event type, audience, deliverables and available methods for distribution.


Using our simple visual selection process, you show us what styles best represent your brand. This helps us understand your desired tone and creative. We then take these details to begin crafting your story in a way that connects with your audience and captures your brand’s identity.


Once we narrow down your needs and the plan for reaching your objectives, you simply select the video package or credits that work best for you. We can even create a custom package. You see, our credit system allows you to get video on demand whenever and wherever you need it (and know the exact cost). Regardless of time or location, we’re available to shoot, produce and edit your video content.


Since each step of your project is planned, you can be certain you’ll get exactly what you need on time and on budget. No exceptions. In fact, you have a dedicated producer and account manager for your projects whose sole job is to make sure everything runs smoothly. You end up with a final product that maximizes your ROI from your event.


Besides being among the world’s most well-known brands, our partners all have a common desire to connect with audiences and see high returns from their investment in video.

Client Success STORIES

Our clients are companies that are looking for more than the services of a video production company. They want a team that can capture brand authenticity, complete projects fast and keep the entire process as simple as possible.


Whether you need live video, animation or a video marketing strategy, we work alongside you to share your story during all aspects of your event, conference, or trade show.

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