Facebook Live/Event Video Production

While venue space limits attendance at physical events, live streams allow you to grab attention and connect with an unlimited audience. Additionally, use a platform like Facebook Live, and you get as much as 10 times greater engagement than with pre-recorded videos.

Facebook Live Streams/
Event Video Production

Are you looking for a way to expand your event’s local audience and reach thousands more online? Livestream is the answer.

It has become customary for people to tune in to see live performances and events, since real-time content creates a more engaging and immersive viewing experience compared to traditional video.

Not only do livestreams drive engagement, but they also enable a sense of community. In a world that is becoming more virtual, it is more important than ever to find ways to connect personally to your audience and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

We help you reach a broader audience with high-quality livestreams using state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment, thus creating a smooth and customized online experience.

A live stream is all about community. It gives you access to a broader audience -- an audience that’s on social media every day -- while allowing you to customize the viewing experience with real-time content. Plus, the people who watch feel included in your brand because they’re able to engage and immerse themselves in your story.

Yet just because you can live stream via apps on your phone doesn’t mean using them is always a smart idea. After all, your viewers won’t put up with a low-quality video for very long. Using a stringent preparation process and state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment, we ensure your live stream runs smoothly from start to finish.

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Are you telling the right story?

Video production can launch an idea, spark a movement, or simply capture attention – but you’ve got to get it right the first time. There’s no “Take Two” for a brand when it comes to visual storytelling.

Introduce yourself!

Our Event Video Production Process

Livestreams are essential for your brand to expand its reach and attract new viewers.

We act as a strategic partner in the event video production process to enable you to communicate your message effectively so that it resonates with your target audience and leaves a lasting impact. Our method is always customized, creative, and most importantly, results-driven.

Here’s a quick rundown of how our event video production process works:

It’s absolutely critical you know what you want to achieve with your video outreach efforts. After all, if you don’t have goals, how do you measure your success? If you’re unsure about your project objectives, we’ll figure them out together so we can craft a meaningful story.

Now that we know your “what,” we need to identify your “who.” So who is your target market? What do you want them to feel after watching your story? Once we figure out this information, we determine what action you want your audience to take after viewing your content.

Next, we reverse-engineer your objectives to identify the pieces needed to reach your “destination.” In some cases, you may need multiple stories or videos for different platforms. (For instance, you can’t show the same length video on Instagram that you use on your website.). We also lay out a step-by-step strategy for distribution.

Clients tell us this step is our specialty — the point at which we develop the characteristics that differentiate you from your competitors. This then becomes the foundation for crafting your brand’s voice and style. So we can craft a story that not only stands out, it creates an emotional connection with your target audience.

This is where we combine our collaborative vision, put all the pieces together and bring your story to life. Once the final product is complete, we stay by your side to help you execute everything and ensure your videos are successful in helping reach your goals. When needed, we make improvements so you see ongoing returns from all your outreach efforts.

Our Approach

Tell your Story with Event Video Production

A proven method for creating compelling event videos that produce results for your marketing campaign


As a video production company, our team helps companies put their event on the map and create an emotional connection with their viewers.

  • Storyline conception & development
  • Creative direction
  • Complete branding guidelines


Event livestreaming requires a winning strategy in order to be effective. We help you execute your vision and gain more exposure.

  • Comprehensive content strategy
  • Impactful branding strategy
  • Effective distribution strategy


As a professional video production company, we know that there is no room for mistakes in a livestream. Our team ensures proper and efficient execution.

  • Pre-production planning
  • Production
  • Post-production


Using a targeted marketing approach, we help companies use livestreaming to enhance their existing marketing efforts and achieve maximum visibility for the right audience.

  • Digital marketing plans
  • Video optimization and analytics
  • Social media optimization
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