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Multiply the ROI at your next event with compelling event video production that effectively tells your brand’s story.

Drive Action with Event Videos

The ROI at your next event shouldn’t end when the lights are turned out. Capturing event videos gives you the ability to significantly increase long-term results. Event videos can be used to impress future event sponsors, successfully promote your next event and run social media campaigns that convert. We’ll create a video strategy for your brand that drives action and generates results by creating powerful connections.

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We Are An Event Video Production Company

You’re constantly running campaigns and creating new marketing material, always inventing new ways to maximize your marketing dollars. Our quick turnaround times, clear strategies and transparent process will ensure that you hit your goals and maximize your budget. Moreover, you’ll be assigned a dedicated producer and account manager who will work seamlessly with you to deliver the best product possible — one that produces results.

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How Are You Using Event VIDEOS?

Keynote Sessions

Make a lasting impact with keynote session videos, increasing the overall value of your event by allowing participants to learn from engaging material during and after the event. This content can be repurposed for year-round educational material your audience will love. Your speakers will also value the opportunity to re-share the content as well, turning a one-hour keynote session into a set of video resources for your digital marketing campaigns.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussion videos, similar to keynote sessions, can be used for future viewing by attendees. This material can also be used by those on the panel for their own marketing purposes. Capture the in-depth discussions from your event, and use them strategically for website FAQ videos and more.

Product Demos

Use product demo videos to display the use and benefits of a product to a larger audience, without requiring actual product samples for all of the audience members. This is highly useful for product launches, product pitching and trade show displays. Turn product demo videos into a form of experiential marketing.

Customer or Attendee Video Testimonials

A conference or corporate meeting ensures that multiple clients will be in the same room. You can benefit from this timely opportunity by personally engaging individuals with testimonial interviews. You can then use these testimonial videos as sales collateral for your next built-out marketing funnel to promote future events. This content is also handy for highlight reels or recap videos. An added bonus is the ability to use the testimonials after the event to thank attendees for coming.

One-on-One Interviews

The wow factor at your next event comes from the well-known speaker you worked hard to book. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to record a one-on-one interview with this powerful thought leader or CEO. This video content extends the positive effects of this speaker, taking their reach from one audience at one event, to thousands of individuals on social media with fun, engaging content. For more traditional galas and award ceremonies, you can record interviews at the actual event to capture the response from award recipients. The video can also be produced ahead of time and premiered at the event to respectfully honor individuals.

Behind the Scenes

Create buzz around an event with behind the scenes videos that heighten excitement prior to an event, or record the ongoings of an event as it takes place. Record footage of your well-known speaker making an entrance or interacting backstage with a VIP audience. You could create an upbeat time-lapse of the event set-up and planning, adding suspense and showing your audience what they could miss out on if they don’t buy a ticket. Visually communicate your brand’s energy and processes with transparency.

How Event Videos Generates Results

Our Event Video Production PROCESS

Use our event video services to get the most out of your next tech conference, corporate meeting, nonprofit gala, awards ceremony and more. Do you need content for social media campaigns, future events or do you need video that wows sponsors? An investment into one video content strategy results in a variety of content that is easily customizable for future events and usable in impactful marketing campaigns. Here is how our simple, yet effective process works.


The process begins by identifying your desired outcome for your video(s). With this information, we then develop a step-by-step plan for reaching your goal using details such as your event type, audience, deliverables and available methods for distribution.


Using our simple visual selection process, you show us what styles best represent your brand. This helps us understand your desired tone and creative. We then take these details to begin crafting your story in a way that connects with your audience and captures your brand’s identity.


Once we narrow down your needs and the plan for reaching your objectives, you simply select the video package or credits that work best for you. We can even create a custom package. You see, our credit system allows you to get video on demand whenever and wherever you need it (and know the exact cost). Regardless of time or location, we’re available to shoot, produce and edit your video content.


Since each step of your project is planned, you can be certain you’ll get exactly what you need on time and on budget. No exceptions. In fact, you have a dedicated producer and account manager for your projects whose sole job is to make sure everything runs smoothly. You end up with a final product that maximizes your ROI from your event.


Besides being among the world’s most well-known brands, our partners all have a common desire to connect with audiences and see high returns from their investment in video.

Client Success STORIES

Our clients are companies that are looking for more than the services of a video production company. They want a team that can capture brand authenticity, complete projects fast and keep the entire process as simple as possible.


Whether you need live video, animation or a video marketing strategy, we work alongside you to share your story during all aspects of your event, conference, or trade show.

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