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Drive awareness to your cause with a captivating and
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Live Streaming & Video Production for Nonprofits/NGOs

Empathy is the key to success for non-profit organizations. Fundraising and volunteerism can dramatically increase when a non-profit or NGO makes the connection and explains their “why.” No other medium accomplishes this better than visual storytelling – and that’s because nothing can match video’s authenticity.

Non-profit video production and live streaming services require a strategy that engages your audience by sharing your mission. We are that connection for you. Our agency offers fundraising video production and live stream support from our offices in Chicago, New York, and six other cities throughout the United States to best meet your needs.

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Virtual Event Production

Many associations who seek to host non-profit fundraising events choose a hybrid in-person/virtual event production model. True Film Production proudly offers an advanced live streaming services platform that allows you to host a sophisticated hybrid virtual event that accommodates your guests and remote attendees.

Our state-of-the-art broadcast equipment delivers the highest quality live stream video available. The seamless live stream experience you desire can be customized and creative to engage your audience and yield memorable results.

We take great effort to respect the sensitivity of charitable efforts, while effectively conveying the urgency of the issue at hand. Further, our cutting-edge live stream event platform enables your virtual attendees to enjoy a seamless webcast remotely. In tandem with our ability to live stream hybrid events, we are a professional non profit video production company specializing in nonprofit explainer videos, fundraising videos and more!

Marketing Nonprofit Organizations

We understand that those 3-4 major gala event campaigns a year are critical to your organization’s livelihood. It’s up to you to manage a laundry list of logistics, negotiate vendor relationships, ensure participant and stakeholder satisfaction all the while saving money everywhere where you can to protect the resources that propel your association’s mission.

We understand that you juggle conflicting priorities and demands from leadership and your board. You strive to accommodate varied tastes and perceptions of participants and stakeholders alike. To boot, you’re stuck using outdated technology to get the job done on a limited budget.

As your live streaming video vendor, we help you impress your stakeholders and board of directors with the cost savings and efficiency of our live stream services and video production.

The Non-Profit/NGO industry calls for action; not just on the part of donors and volunteers, but on the part of the non profit organization to stand out and clearly articulate their mission. When it’s time to select a live stream video production company for your nonprofit event, trust that True Film Production values your mission as much as you do. We do everything we can to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Fundraising Videos

Tell potential donors an authentic and emotional story about why they should donate to your non-profit organization or NGO. Show them how and why your organization was founded through a video about your organization’s history.

Gala Videos

Get donors and honorees excited about your charitable cause and upcoming event, live stream your event on Facebook Live, and when it’s all over create a teaser video to remind everyone how incredible your event was!

What we do videos

Capture on video the good the donations to your organization are bringing to this world. Tell the stories of real people who you have helped through you and your donor’s selflessness.

Behind the Mission Videos

show the world how all the good you are doing is physically possible through docu-style videos. Share the stories of your team - why they work with your organization and the story behind their altruism.

Our Non-Profit Video Process

Many worthwhile causes remain limited to pen on paper in the absence of a strong strategy that is able to drive awareness and mobilize resources towards it. For your voice to be heard, it’s critical to turn your audience into proactive ambassadors for your cause. For that, you will need to position your cause at the forefront of your viewer’s minds.

We act as a strategic partner in the non-profit video production process to ensure that your message is loud and clear. We educate your audience about the problem you are tackling and inspire them to join you and contribute.

Here’s a quick rundown of how our non-profit video process works:

It’s absolutely critical you know what you want to achieve with your video outreach efforts. After all, if you don’t have goals, how do you measure your success? If you’re unsure about your project objectives, we’ll figure them out together so we can craft a meaningful story.

Now that we know your “what,” we need to identify your “who.” So who is your target market? What do you want them to feel after watching your story? Once we figure out this information, we determine what action you want your audience to take after viewing your content.

Next, we reverse-engineer your objectives to identify the pieces needed to reach your “destination.” In some cases, you may need multiple stories or videos for different platforms. (For instance, you can’t show the same length video on Instagram that you use on your website.). We also lay out a step-by-step strategy for distribution.

Clients tell us this step is our specialty — the point at which we develop the characteristics that differentiate you from your competitors. This then becomes the foundation for crafting your brand’s voice and style. So we can craft a story that not only stands out, it creates an emotional connection with your target audience.

This is where we combine our collaborative vision, put all the pieces together and bring your story to life. Once the final product is complete, we stay by your side to help you execute everything and ensure your videos are successful in helping reach your goals. When needed, we make improvements so you see ongoing returns from all your outreach efforts.

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Because if you’re interested in partnering with a team that focuses on collaboration, developing long-term relationships and treating each video project as if it were their own, we can give you a tremendous advantage.

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