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With gorgeous beaches, a thriving culture, and fascinating landmarks such as Little Havana and the Miami Design District, Miami, FL can serve as an excellent location for a wide range of filmmaking projects. It should come as no surprise then that Miami has been the primary setting for a number of blockbuster films, including Baywatch, Caddyshack, War Dogs, and many others.

If you are looking for production companies in Miami to help make your next project an overwhelming success, there are plenty of excellent reasons to choose True Film Production. Combining cutting-edge technology with decades of combined experience and a passion for bringing our clients' visions to life, True Film Production's Miami video production company is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a video, film, or live-streaming event set in The Magic City.

Video Production in Miami

As one of the top film production studios in Miami, we at True Film Production offer a comprehensive list of industry-leading production services, providing you with every resource and service you could possibly need to see your project through from concept to final product. This includes all-inclusive production services for corporate videos, branding videos, live event videos, video testimonials, fireside chats, and much more.

In addition to exceptional production services, we are also proud to offer world-class animation services for animated videos and films, creative services to help you perfect your vision for your project, and post-production services to ensure that your project achieves everything you hope it to achieve.

From music video production in Miami to Miami video marketing and everything in-between, we at True Film Production have helped bring to life a wide range of incredible projects in the city of Miami. If you would like to work with our Miami video production company located at 201 Jefferson Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139 be sure to contact us at (305) 328-8530.

Event Video Production / Live Stream Events

Over the past twenty years, Miami has become a hotspot for corporate events, with the city reflecting a sense of style, wealth, and class that makes it a perfect location for companies that want to make a good impression.

If you would like to create a video of your company's next Miami event - whether it's a recorded video or a live stream - True Film Production is able to help! We'll handle every aspect of your video or live stream's production so that you and your team can focus on making the event itself as successful as possible.

Guidelines for Filming in Miami

There are several rules and regulations that filmmakers and South Florida production companies such as our own are required to follow when filming in Miami. If you plan to film on public property, for instance, you will be required to attain a Miami film permit. You may also be required to attain a building permit if you plan to build temporary or permanent structures for your set and a pyrotechnics permit if you plan to use pyrotechnic effects.

Corporate Video Production Companyed

Client Success STORIES

Our clients are companies that are looking for more than the services of a video production company. They want a team that can capture brand authenticity, complete projects fast and keep the entire process as simple as possible.

Our Approach

Every project we create is built on the foundation of story, strategy, production, and marketing.
Video content can help you achieve results and provide a valuable ROI.


As a storytelling agency, we help you craft the story that will differentiate you from the competition and help you create a connection between you and your audience.

  • Audience development
  • A unique approach to the story
  • Complete video campaigns
  • Branding through storytelling


A long-term strategy clears the path to help you achieve your goals. Strategic planning helps you save money and stand out against the competition.

  • Develop content marketing fit
  • Audience and platform-specific content
  • Craft effective video content
  • Branding strategies that convert


Professional video production is process oriented and results driven in a collaborative environment that provides a hands-on approach to the entire project.

  • Creative development
  • Pre-production and planning
  • Production (live-Action, scripted, docu-style)
  • Post-production (editorial, animation, mastering)


Helping your company get results is our goal. We tell stories with a video that engage your audience and help you see a more productive conversion rate.

  • Digital marketing plans
  • Video optimization (tracks & analytics)
  • Social media optimization (A/B testing)
  • SEO for Youtube
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