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Elevator Pitch Mistakes that Keep Your Career on the Ground

In this post, successful entrepreneurs offer tips on how to avoid some common elevator pitch mistakes. Mistakes that just might keep your career from ever getting

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small biz trends

Forget the Algorithm: 16 Ways to Get Your Business to the Top of Search

How to Be SEO Friendly Here’s what YEC community members had to say: 1. Create Industry-Leading Useful Content That Fills a Need “Don’t just create content

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15 Rules to Follow When Creating Your First Business Video

Video helps draw in customers and increases engagement, but can be overwhelming with details to keep in mind, especially when your business is first starting out

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11 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Handle Decision Fatigue

Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or not, you’ve been loaded up with decisions to make. From choosing your brand’s colors to determining what to say to

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