Chicago Video Production company with the experience, know-how and charisma to enchant your audience.

Chicago Video Production company with the experience, know-how and charisma to enchant your audience.

Filming in Chicago

The iconic L train rumbling through “Dark Knight.” The Art Institute of Chicago’s appearance in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” The University of Chicago campus and UChicago Gate that graces the opening of “When Harry Met Sally.”

Yes, Chicago is full of landmarks made famous in film.

The city’s Millennium Park alone is home to dozens of coveted backdrops that range from ultra-modern architecture to striking landscape design. Attractions include “The Bean,” the 66-foot-long stainless steel sculpture officially named Cloud Gate that reflects and encapsulates the urban experience.

Filming in Chicago has long been the rage for everything from blockbuster movies to non-profit videos, from high-end commercials to corporate narratives. When there’s a story to tell, Chicago is a top place to tell it. True Film Production (TFP) is the optimum choice for bringing that story to life. In fact, our prestigious list of clients in Chicago include Giordano’s Pizza, Harry Caray’s Restaurant and Fashion Fair House.

Whether you’re looking to film live events or produce promotional and educational videos, TFP is a leader of Chicago production companies in having the experience, know-how and charisma to enchant your audience and elevate your brand.

Chicago Video Production and More

TFP specializes in creating unparalleled, high-quality video and animation content that shares the human stories behind the business veil.

Our animation and video production covers a huge range of services, including corporate video projects, tutorials, live stream and live event video, sizzle reels, branding video, fireside chats and video testimonials.

Post-production services and video production support are also on our list, delivering a full-service video content studio to meet your needs.

Corporate Video Production Companyed

Guidelines for Filming in the City of Chicago

Another important detail for film companies in Chicago involves permits. If you’ve hired a Chicago corporate videographer, permits are going to be on your to-do list. Permits are issued by different agencies throughout the city.

The City of Chicago issues permits for filming on streets, sidewalks or other public properties.

Millennium Park issues its own permits for filming throughout the park, while other parks may be covered by the Chicago Park District or the specific location within a park.

Filming on the L train requires a permit issued by the Chicago Transit Authority. Obtaining a permit first requires contacting the agency that handles permits for your desired location. The processing typically involves filling out an application, providing proof of insurance and any other required paperwork, and then waiting an allocated amount of time for your permit to be approved. Fees may include an application fee, a permit fee for each day in each location, and a security deposit.

Advanced planning is a must, as some agencies require at least a two-week lead time prior to your project. Restrictions may apply during peak season. Approval time can take anywhere from several days to more than a week.

Video Production Company Dedicated to Storytelling

While our Chicago video production company has so much to offer, our greatest strength is our commitment to storytelling. As a storytelling agency, we combine the effects of strategic marketing and audiovisual multimedia to build an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

Chicago is the home base of one of our satellite locations, but our agency is agile. We work all over the country, booking out crews anywhere. If you’re a marketing or event manager with multiple locations you need to film but only capacity enough to hire a single production team, we’re on it. Instead of hiring and dealing with a different production company for each location, let TFP take the helm for the ride.

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Corporate Video Production

Tight deadlines and limited budgets are the biggest challenges you face with corporate video production. Getting buy-in from stakeholders and shoddy communication with vendors are two more pains marketing managers consistently need to overcome.

That’s what we’re here for. Our goal is to meet your needs across the board while striving to make your life easy.

Our team is stocked with seasoned pros who know how to capture your brand’s voice and tailor the film toward your unique target audience—on time and under budget. Our experience and background are golden for getting stakeholders on board. And we’re big on open and accessible communication along the way.

Trade Show and Live Event Production for Chicagoland

Event managers for hybrid events and trade show video production in Chicago have their own set of challenges. Getting the details right is everything, particularly with hybrid events where in-person gatherings are coupled with a live stream for people who want to attend virtually.

Details are everything to us, too, which is why our team pays meticulous attention to what you want and need with every project. It’s also why we only use state-of-the-art broadcast equipment tailored to your specific goals to create the highest-quality live stream video production possible.

Our Approach

Every project we create is built on the foundation of story, strategy, production, and marketing.
Video content can help you achieve results and provide a valuable ROI.


As a storytelling agency, we help you craft the story that will differentiate you from the competition and help you create a connection between you and your audience.

  • Audience development
  • A unique approach to the story
  • Complete video campaigns
  • Branding through storytelling


A long-term strategy clears the path to help you achieve your goals. Strategic planning helps you save money and stand out against the competition.

  • Develop content marketing fit
  • Audience and platform-specific content
  • Craft effective video content
  • Branding strategies that convert


Professional video production is process oriented and results driven in a collaborative environment that provides a hands-on approach to the entire project.

  • Creative development
  • Pre-production and planning
  • Production (live-Action, scripted, docu-style)
  • Post-production (editorial, animation, mastering)


Helping your company get results is our goal. We tell stories with a video that engage your audience and help you see a more productive conversion rate.

  • Digital marketing plans
  • Video optimization (tracks & analytics)
  • Social media optimization (A/B testing)
  • SEO for Youtube

Client Success STORIES

Our clients are companies that are looking for more than the services of a video production company. They want a team that can capture brand authenticity, complete projects fast and keep the entire process as simple as possible.

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