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True Film Productions offers comprehensive video event services. As one of Chicagoland’s leading videography companies, our team has helped local businesses tell their stories and establish their brands for more than 15 years.


A live conference video or similar corporate event not only engages your audience, but drives a higher sales volume because it’s immediate; attracting greater attention than pre-recorded content.


Creating a video about (or during) an event has become one of the most popular ways of telling corporate stories. Since social media is essential in connecting with an audience, it’s a major asset for many companies, helping them build their brand and magnetically attract highly qualified leads.


Our video event production team is experienced with filming panel discussions, award ceremonies, keynote addresses, and nonprofit galas. Additionally, we also produce edgy save-the-date videos, event registration videos, and post-event recap and highlight videos. We can also provide your viewers with behind-the-scenes prep videos.


Video Event Production FAQ's

1What is an Event Production Company?

Video event production companies are in high demand because they produce live video content for a wide range of events including trade shows, conferences, ceremonies, festivals, meetings, and exhibitions. Filming your event will increase interest in it, which results in a higher rate of engagement and conversion.

2What Types of Videos Can You Make after a Life Event?

After a live event, you can still benefit from your content in a variety of ways. You can reuse your video for different purposes by adding graphics, captions, and voiceovers.

One way to repurpose your video is to break it up into smaller clips for YouTube and your website. However, before you add your video to different platforms, make sure your content is shareable.

Other ways to repurpose your videos are to share clips from diverse event videos when you want to highlight your company’s culture and communicate the values of your brand. You might, for example, want to use these clips in videos designed to attract new employees, in videos for TV commercials, or in videos where you need to contextualize your product demos.

3What does Video Event Production Mean?

In a video event production, an event is filmed in real time to engage an audience. While shot on location as things happen live, these videos may include pre-recorded elements, such as music or a fast-paced intro video, to enhance the story-telling element.

Several methods are available for filming an event. Before the event, it stirs curiosity about what to expect; during the event, it shares what is happening; and after the event, it recaps the major highlights that made the event memorable.

4How to Make a Promotional Video for an Event?

Promotional videos are frequently used for concerts, festivals, and tours.

You will need to make three decisions: what to say about the upcoming event, how to capture it, and how to succinctly review it.

In a short promotional video, referred to as a “teaser” video, you’ll need to decide what scenes, images, quotes, content, mood, and music to use to create excitement, interest, and increase registrations. Next, you’ll need to decide how to capture the event as it unfolds. Finally, you’ll need to decide how to edit the highlights for a short, exciting recap.

Working with a Video Agency for Live Events

Since making professional-grade videos is a complex undertaking with many moving parts, you will need an experienced production crew.


After a storyboard and script have been completed, and before any editing or alterations have been made, they will shoot and record the video. Although the camera operators are the most visible part of a production crew, it is not the entire team. For instance, you’ll also need a producer, a director, a first assistant director, a director of photography, a cinematographer, and a digital imaging technician.

Live Event Videos by True Film Production

Here, at True Film Production, we do everything necessary to create premium quality videos for our clients from filming to editing.


Our Chicago-based video event marketing agency provides marketing strategy and event video services, from planning to execution. We can help you capture your next big event with the help of our event video production crew. Call (312) 583-7606 for more information about event production videos. Our office is located at 400 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60611. We work throughout the Chicagoland, including nearby suburbs.


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