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We previously spoke about Using Call-to-Action in your video content in order to drive traffic to your website or track conversion from it. CTA’S allow you to measure how many people have viewed your video and who is committed to learning more about your brand and what you can offer them. It’s important to use a call-to-action if you want to see results of your hard work paying off but it’s not always enough to simply have a CTA you need to utilize it in ways that other companies are not, you want your call to action to stand out and really make it impossible for your audience to pass it by. Keep these key questions in mind when choosing your call to action; Will the audience understand the next steps they need to take? Does it align with my brand? - and most importantly - Is it intriguing? The main point of a CTA - as well as video- is to draw your audience in, if your call to action is not engaging or straight forward enough your audience will likely pass it by.

Ask a question or have them solve a riddle

Drive your viewers in with a “pop-quiz” style question or riddle they can’t help but want to answer. This is a good method for a brand who is about problem solving, facts and numbers. A unique way to add this CTA in your video would be to ask a series of questions that unlock an answer or a difficult riddle that makes them take the next steps in order to solve the puzzle.

Use audio

Sound not only moves a story along but affects the audience and guides them in the direction of your choosing. In our previous post, we discussed the importance of utilizing music and sound effects to drive your story. Since you’re already utilizing sound through voice over, music and character interaction to engage your audience and grab their attention so why not utilize audio for your CTA plan to get them more committed to your brand?

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Not all companies need to prove themselves as the ones who go against the grain or whose main goal is to stand out from the crowd, sometimes being traditional is the best way to express who your brand is. How do you show that your brand is traditional with a CTA? Use simple wording/graphics that provide a clear link to the next action you want your audience to take i.e. “Subscribe here”, “Sign up today!”, “Free Trial!”, “Learn more”, “Visit our site” etc. at the end of your video, this way your audience has a chance to learn about your brand beforehand and you know they are already somewhat committed to learning more.


Video content is the best way to grab the attention of your audience, so what better way to intrigue them further than with another video? Use the next video in a series or another topic as your call to action. Draw your audience in with the promise - and delivery of course- to more information about what they just viewed or a topic relevant to it.

Video play slate photo

No matter which style of call to action you choose the most effective way to ensure your audience follows its steps is by embedding it right into your video. This will also help bring in more qualified leads because chances are if they watched your video in its entirety without bouncing then they are interested in your brand and feel that your products/services can benefit them in some way. Before you jump in and start to create your CTA think about what your goals are; do you want your audience to view more content? Are you trying to get them to subscribe and provide their information? Do you want them to visit your website? Whatever the main goal of your call to action plan is to get creative and make sure it’s something that guides your audience in the right direction.


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