The countless ways of expanding your video content strategy in the tech industry.


The Importance of Tech Video Content

With the tech industry constantly evolving, and new players entering the industry daily, your best bet is to expand recognition of your company as quick and wide as possible. Being first in the market is always key, but expanding your technology video production will serve for a greater audience, providing a long term growth solution. There is no better way to expand your outreach than a marketing campaign with a well produced video content strategy. Technology video production has become the best medium for marketing in countless ways. Whether you want to showcase your product, app, or explain your unique services, video is the most effective way to engage and resonate with your target audience.

Visually Demonstrate Your Unique Technology

Many types of video serve as superior digital marketing content. Today, a successful marketing campaign requires effective video content. To achieve maximum impact, you need to start with the right type of video for your marketing goals. Several factors will determine what type of video is right for you. Some of the factors include, types of product or services you offer, your target audience, which platforms you plan to host the video, and of course your brand identity. Whether you are looking to demonstrate how your app or service resolves a problem with an animated video, demonstrate complex product composition and functionality with 3D animation, or have your clients testify on their success using your product or service, video content is statistically proven to maximize impact of your marketing campaign across the board.

Types of Tech Videos

  • Branded videos are ideal to introducing your company, its core message, and establishing a brand identity with your audience. Whether your company offers one simple product that solves a problem, or provides a unique service for large scale fortune 500 companies, every company should have a story to tell. More importantly, the way your story is told will be a reflection of your brand image in the public eye.

  • There is no better way to convey your message. Are you looking to kickstarter for help with your new product launch? Crowdfunding videos not only deliver a message, but spark interest in what you are trying to accomplish. A well-crafted, well-produced video will not only resonate your vision and explain your journey, but connect with the audience on a personal level.

  • Explainer videos may use live-action footage and/or animation to demonstrate how your product is effectively used in day-to-day operations. Animated video content provides for flexibility in showcasing your new app, or you may choose to utilize visual effects (product rendering?) to bring a product to life that has not yet been produced.

  • Video testimonials are most effective in highlighting the different types of people/entities successfully using your product/services. More so, the differential of effectiveness and its uniform success, explicitly demonstrate excitement and indirectly welcomes the viewer onboard.

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