A third party perspective offers an unbiased evaluation of your brand, and serves as a reliable source for your viewers.


Video Testimonial Production Services

Video testimonials can serve for a rather powerful marketing tool. The third party perspective is highly regarded, offering credibility, and building trust between your target audience and your brand. Providing a series of video testimonials from a diverse group of clients instills confidence and builds a connection with your prospecting clients. Trust is one of the main reasons consumers choose you over your competitors. A video testimonial helps identify and support your differential helping you stand out from your competition, by giving the viewer an engaging opportunity to hear first-hand how your product or service exceeds expectations.

Why are video testimonials so effective?

People love a good story. Video testimonials capture your client's passion for your brand. By telling their unique individual story they demonstrate the success they’ve had with your product. We have a passion for visual storytelling and an understanding of how to really penetrate your viewership with engaging memorable quality content.

How to Produce Video Testimonials

The quality of the video is just as important as the content, always keep in mind that your viewership will closely associate your content with your brand, so you always want to put your best foot forward. We help our clients make sure they get the best of both worlds with quality effective content. Our state of the art equipment and talented videographers provide for high caliber productions, while our producers, directors, and marketing specialists know how to make your series of video testimonials a success. Asking the right questions and selecting a well-diversified group of clients is important to maximize the impact of your video testimonials. We will help you preselect a well-diversified group of clients and work with you to establish the right balance of questions for each client to create a dynamic showcasing of your brand. And, to best meet you where you are, True Film offers video testimonial production in Chicago, New York and six other cities within the United States.

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