Storytelling: A Key Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Storytelling brings your brand to life and connects you to your audience in an emotional way. It’s important to utilize storytelling in your marketing strategy in order for your brand and product/services to leave a memorable impression. There are many ways to introduce storytelling into your strategy, however, the best way to tell a story is by showing it - through video of course. Below are brand videos that effectively use storytelling in their marketing strategy. Each brand targets a different emotion that aligns with their image in order to tell their story and connect the audience with their brand. In the past, we’ve talked about how compelling storytelling helps build brand awareness here we are showing some great examples that visually explain why having a creative and engaging storytelling strategy is necessary to your brand marketing strategy.


This touching video from Airbnb based on a true story not only grabs the audience's attention but really helps them feel what the brand is about. Using a true story helps the audience truly connect with the “characters” and empathize with them. The majority of Airbnb’s strategy is the use of real people telling real stories. This is a great way to draw in more clients and inform potential clients about the brand in an authentic way that they can relate to. Watching this story makes the audience want to go out and experience their own.

This storytelling technique is slightly different than the previous one we shared. Dollar Shave Club chooses to take the humor route of storytelling to promote their brand. It can be a tricky task using comedy in your brand video but like the brands here: Successful Use of Comedy in Brand Videos Dollar Shave Club utilizes comedy perfectly to tell the story of its brand. Comedy is a great way to get your audience to not only pay attention to your brand story but remember it as well.


This brand story inspires its audience by reminding them to follow their dreams and never forget who they are. Sure, not everyone is an athlete or has a “dream job” but this story emphasizes that even through life’s challenges there will always be someone supporting you, and sometimes that person is the best version of yourself. It also reminds us to never lose that passion that lights the fire in our hearts.


This video from Allstate plays on real emotions by reminding people that even with life’s ups and downs all the risks are worth it in order to live life to the fullest. It’s a unique video that taps into human fears and turns them into something positive and exhilarating. Most importantly the video aligns with the brand’s image by reinforcing their values and that their customers are in “good hands”.

Truth - “left swipe that”

This anti-smoking campaign uses music to drive their story and it’s awesome. It’s ridiculous but very funny and catchy. They hit the nail on the head with this brand video, it stands out and defines the brand’s goals. And of course it’s memorable, the song will get stuck in your head which is most likely the goal for this video.

Vicks Nyquil

These commercials are funny in a more ironic sense because they portray how parents are actually feeling when they are sick. Parents are always on the clock so to speak and can’t take a sick day when they’re feeling under the weather. Nyquil lets people know that they understand this and are here to help you perform your most important job on days when you don’t feel your best.


This brand video is all about lifestyles and how no matter who you are or where you live Uber can help make your life easier. By following multiple character stories across the globe the audience is getting a chance to really visualize where Uber can take them and with endless possibilities they’re envisioning where they will go next. Uber drives this story through human interaction and imagination.

There are countless ways to use storytelling in your marketing strategy and really show your audience who you are. As long as your story genuinely aligns with your brand image it will create a lasting impression and make viewers want to get to know you better.


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