Video is no longer a new innovative marketing tool, it has set its footprint in the digital landscape and has proven to be the most powerful medium in communicating your brand story, explaining your value proposition, and building a relationship with your audience. To stay relevant in today’s world of content marketing, a solid video content strategy is essential. Consider how consumers use video today, mobile devices, video messaging, sharing on social media platforms. In fact 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. It is not surprising that a video can impact your conversion rate by 80%, or improve click-through rates by as much as 300%.

Animated Videos

In the 2D animation studio animators are able to create 2D animations and motion graphics to create highly engaging branded content for your company or brand. True Film Production is able to bring 2D animated videos to life that can delight, engage and enthral audiences. We're driven by new animation techniques, intriguing design and absolute 100% passion for what we do. We always thrive to create unique animated video content to help you create stunning branded videos.

Digital Marketing Strategy

To maximize the impact of video content marketing, and succeed in seizing an edge over your competition, you must produce quality video content with high production value. In other words, while the quality of production reflects on your brand image, your content must remain of interest and stay relevant to your target audience. Our marketing and branding expertise combined with cross industry experience enables us to develop effective video marketing strategies by producing goal oriented content. As no two brands are alike (even if they do the same thing and share the same goals), there is no one solution that works the same. Our innovative approach to identifying a unique web-content solution for your organizational goals has placed our clients ahead of the curve. Below are some types of videos you may consider including in your content strategy.

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