Motion Graphics

A small addition that makes a big difference in your production value.


Motion Graphics and Moving Logos

Motion graphics is an essential aspect of production often used to help keep the audience engaged throughout a visual story by setting things in motion. Distinguished from typical 2D animation, motion graphics are typically not character driven or story based but rather abstract shapes, icons or logos set in motion and designed to compliment a story and engage the viewer.

While it is entirely possible to create a stunning video of your brand story and/or product utilizing motion graphics alone, the real production value of motion graphics can best be realized in live action videos, testimonials, and other forms of visual storytelling.

Motion Graphics Keep Your Attention

Incorporating visual elements in motion in an explainer video for example, can make the difference between captivating your audience through the end of the film, and losing the audience within the first ten seconds. In other examples, such as long form live educational video content, motion graphics are highly effective in holding the interest of the audience as well as expanding the viewer retention rate.

Producing effective video content for your brand goals, may or may not require the use of motion graphics. Our ability to identify how to enhance your production value with motion graphics, and our stylistic approach to design that fits your messaging and brand persona, makes us one of the leading production agencies for graphics and animation. Motion graphics can be used throughout some of the types of content listed below.

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