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True Film Production is a leading, live stream event provider in Chicago. We are among the first, virtual event pioneers; streaming annual galas and corporate meetings long before the COVID pandemic created a shift to remote work. Live streamed events are ideal for audiences who cannot or should not attend in person.


We also produce hybrid events - a combination of live, in-person events and virtual events. Viewers can watch the live event or replay the event on-demand at a later date. Additionally, we have added immersive 360-degree videos to make the viewing experience more realistic than ever before.


Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event

The pandemic did not create the virtual event boom, but intensified an already emerging trend. Organizations were already realizing the benefits of online events. In the future, a virtual event is more likely to become the norm rather than the exception.


Even after the pandemic left its footprint in history, virtual meetings will replace traditional conferences, seminars, and meetings. The benefits of a virtual event include greater participation, better targeting, more accurate ROI reports, easier accessibility, and greater cost effectiveness. Additionally, virtual events are environmentally eco-friendly and more sustainable.

Live Stream Events FAQ's

1What is live streaming?

Most people think of live streaming as Netflix and Amazon Prime television shows, but it has taken on new meaning in the corporate sector.

Live streaming company events are a growing trend on the web. Increasingly, businesses are using this unique form of telecommunications to connect with prospects and customers, share information, or simply to explain their organization's mission and goals.

2Why do a virtual event?

A virtual event can reduce the cost of in-person events. People in various locations can communicate in real time for a fraction of the cost.

Companies with limited budgets can use this technology to meet prospects, clients, and vendors. They can reach business partners or customers who couldn't otherwise attend the conference.

Whether it's a live concert, a cooking show, or a company introducing a new product, online event streaming is here to stay.

With the rise of social media, people are spending more time online. Live streaming of corporate events can be found almost every day on popular social media channels.

3How to livestream an event?

You need a plan, a video platform, and broadcast equipment for live stream production. Next, you must connect your encoder, input your sources, create a live channel, and embed your stream. Lastly, you must run a test.

4What does a live stream producer do?

A live stream producer ensures everything runs smoothly. They oversee production and double-check all technical aspects are working properly.

Additionally, they must communicate with the director and camera operators to make certain that everything is on point so it can air on time and without errors.

5How much does it cost to produce a virtual event?

A virtual event is more cost-effective than traditional live events that require travel, accommodations, and food & beverage expenditures.

The cost of a live stream event depends on its size, length, and number of attendees. The complexity of the event will also influence the cost.

Consider, for example, a typical corporate conference. The average cost of a two-day professional conference with a general session, breakout rooms, and multiple presentations is between $20,000 and $75,000. Of course, pricing and scale may vary based on the vendor.

Live Stream Event Popularity to Continue

Live streaming is on track to be the future of corporate events in Chicago because it allows people to connect with each other in real time. What's more, people in different states or countries can attend a conference or corporate event without traveling to Illinois.


We have the technology, tools, and talented crews to produce live, virtual, and hybrid events. Livestreamed events can reach a whole new audience over the internet.

Make your Live Stream Event a Success

Modern technology has made live streaming event video production more accessible and, in some cases, more affordable. Our live stream production team in Chicago wants to produce your next event. Our office is located at 400 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200 Chicago, IL 60611.


We work throughout the Chicago metropolitan areas as well as its neighboring suburbs. Call us at 646-328-0691 to learn more or get a no-obligation free quote now. If you're not quite ready to pull the trigger on a live stream production by True Film, check out our free downloadable eBook containing practical tips and instructions called The Ultimate Guide to Live Events




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